State company risks people’s lives buying gas odorants from murky supplier

This investigation was released by Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) in February 2015 and supported by Objective Investigative Reporting Project.

The state gas supply company Uktransgas has failed in two tenders for buying the necessary odorants. As a result, earlier this year local gas suppliers found themselves without the odorant to add to the gas they supply to the Ukrainian houses.

Natural gas has no smell. Odorants are added to the gas to make it possible to notice when there is a leak.

By sabotaging the odorant tenders in order to benefit a related company, Uktransgas has put the lives of millions of Ukrainians at risk.

Journalists of Nashi Groshi (Zik TV) have investigated the murky deals of Ukrtransgas. Watch the investigation with English subtitles (click CC to turn on the subtitles):


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