Tax Office turns a blind eye to monopolists linked to Yanukovych’s cronies

This investigation was released by Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) and supported by Objective Investigative Reporting Project.

President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from his post and Ukraine 1.5 years ago, but the companies owned by his political allies still operate in Ukraine and even benefit from the state budget.

The journalists of the Nashi Groshi investigative TV show have discovered that the private companies connected to the top officials of Yanukovych era Oleksandr Klymenko, Yuriy Kolobov and Serhiy Arbuzov sell the data transferring services to the state.

Every time a purchase takes place in a store in Ukraine, the information about it must be sent directly from the cashier machine to the Tax Office.

These transitions are operated by the companies linked to the former officials of the Yanukovych government who fled the country with the former president in February 2014. The current tax authorities do nothing to prevent this monopoly.

Watch the Nashi Groshi investigation “Arbuzov’s cash registry monopoly: Tax Office says there isn’t a problem”. If English subtitles don’t show up, click the CC button in the bottom-right corner of the video frame.


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