Top official arranged state orders for his friends’ construction companies

This investigation was released by Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) and supported by Objective Investigative Reporting Project.

Dmytro Isayenko, former deputy minister of regional development and construction of Ukraine, made the news in January after the Ukrainian journalists of found out that he illegally acquired a status of the participant of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine – one of just 20 civilians to get the status – in order to not be removed from his job due to the lustration process.

The case brought media attention and Isayenko was fired from his post in the ministry.

Following it, the journalists of Nashi Groshi investigative TV show have looked into Isayenko’s activities in his job and his connections to various businesses. Based on what they discovered, they say that a dismissal is not a sufficient punishment for Isayenko. His activities in commissioning state orders to the construction companies owned by his wife and friends should be a matter of a criminal investigation, the journalists say.

Five months since the Nashi Groshi’s story had been aired, such an investigation hasn’t yet started.

Watch the Nashi Groshi’s TV investigation of Dmytro Isayenko’s business affiliations. If English subtitles don’t show up, click the CC button in the bottom-right corner of the video frame.


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