Government sells Kalashnikov guns to shady firm for $20 apiece

This investigation was released by Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) in November 2014 and supported by Objective Investigative Reporting Project.

In 2014, Defense Ministry of Ukraine sold its surplus stock of Kalashnikov machine guns to an intermediary firm that remodeled the guns into hunting rifles to be sold through gun stores in Ukraine.

In that deal, not only did the ministry violate the law by selling the guns on domestic market – while surplus weapons are only allowed to be sold abroad, but it also sold it at ridiculously low price of Hr 450. In the gun stores, the remodeled into a “light” version Kalashnikovs will be sold for Hr 20,000.

The cheap sale could have something to do with the fact that the owner of the company that bought the guns, Techimpeks, is a former employee of the very same state weapon-trading company that sold them.

Watch the investigation by Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) with English subtitles. Click CC if the subtitles don’t show up automatically.


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