Wanted politician’s companies operate all right in Ukraine

This investigation was released by Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) in February 2015 and supported by Objective Investigative Reporting Project.

Ihor Kaletnik, a former head of Customs Service of Ukraine and lawmaker with the Communist Party, is among the clique of the politicians of the Viktor Yanukovych regime that fled the country after the EuroMaidan Revolution in early 2014. He is on the Prosecutor General’s wanted list.

However, a year since the revolution, his presence in Ukraine is still felt.

The companies owned by the Kaletnik family continue operating. One of them is being sued by the villagers who say the company robbed them of their land.

His property is fine, too. He has recently got a new one – an apartment in the most expensive building in Kyiv, bought in the name of his daughter.

The journalists of Nashi Groshi (ZIK TV) followed the trace of the runaway politician, and here’s what they found (click CC for English subtitles):


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