Completed investigations

Investigations funded by Objective project are free to republish.

To see the investigations published in Russian and Ukrainian, click here.

“Oligarch Watch” series

Petro Poroshenko – Рус / Укр / Eng

Rinat Akhmetov – Рус / Укр / Eng

Victor Pinchuk – Рус / Укр / Eng

Ihor Kolomoisky – Рус / Укр / Eng

Vadim Novinsky – Рус / Укр / Eng

Dmytro Firtash – Рус / Укр / Eng

Yuriy Kosyuk – Рус / Укр / Eng 

Konstantin Grigorishin – Рус / Укр / Eng

Crimea Crisis Report

Russia woos foreigners to invest in Crimea, support end to international sanctions

Russia targets Muslims, dissenters for repression in annexed Crimea

State company risks people’s lives buying gas odorants from a murky supplier by Nadiya Burdey, Nashi Groshi (Ukraine)

No Revolution Here: News Media In Ukraine Remain In Same Hands by Oksana Lyachynska

Modern-day slave trade snares Moldovans by Allison Quinn (Moldova)

Sports complex stalls in Moldova’s Gagauzia amid shady deals by Dumitru Lazur and Irina Codrean (Moldova)

Kyiv – London: From Ukraine With Cash  by Natalie Sedletska and Maksym Savchuk (Ukraine)

Toxic waste, toxic scandal in Kalush by Christopher Miller and Anastasia Vlasova (Ukraine)

Another Cost of War: Spread Of Tuberculosis by Oksana Grytsenko (Ukraine)

Scandals surround construction of Ukraine’s most expensive bridge by Olga Yudina (Ukraine)

Network of companies wins hundreds of millions in municipal tenders in Dnipropetrovsk by Olga Yudina (Ukraine)

On its way to Europe, Ukraine has to say no to phosphates by Oksana Lyachynska (Ukraine)

Defense Ministry nearly gives Hr 500 million to fake firm by Alina Stryzhak (Ukraine)

Wanted politician’s companies operate all right in Ukraine by Alina Stryzhak (Ukraine)

Government sells Kalashnikov guns to shady firm for $20 apiece by Alisa Kysil (Ukraine)

How government helped Russian companies benefit from Ukraine’s coal crisis by Nadiya Burdey (Ukraine)

Ukraine’s top officials could be behind land-stealing scheme by Nadiya Burdey (Ukraine)

Top official arranged state orders for his friends’ construction companies by Alisa Kysil (Ukraine)

Tax Office turns a blind eye to monopolists linked to Yanukovych’s cronies by Alisa Kysil (Ukraine)

Social security agency grants millions to murky firms by Olga Yudina (Ukraine)

In Moldova, poor water supply exposes villagers to epidemics by Petru Botnaru (Moldova)


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