Sharing Objective stories

Objective encourages sharing and republishing the stories and other materials it sponsored. Websites and print outlets are welcome to share the investigations found on this website with the following note:

Editor’s Note: This investigation was conducted by the Objective investigative reporting project in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. The program is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and implemented by a joint venture between NIRAS and BBC Media Action. The story can be freely republished with proper credits.

Objective stories were published in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian.

The stories were published by the following outlets:

Kyiv Post (Ukraine), a weekly printed newspaper and Ukraine’s most popular news website in English

Ukrayinska Pravda (Ukraine), prominent Ukrainian online newspaper

Unimedia (Moldova), online newspaper

Ziare Live (Moldova), online newspaper

Radio Liberty (Azerbaijan), online news outlet (Ukraine) (Ukraine), Ukrainian news aggregator (Ukraine), Ukrainian news website (Ukraine), Ukrainian news aggregator (Ukraine), Ukrainian news aggregator (Ukraine), website for parents (Ukraine), website for parents

ShoutOut2Day (Ukraine), news blog

United For Ukraine (Ukraine), Tumblr news blog

TB Europe Coalition (UK)

Newstral (Germany), news review website

Europa News Daily, European news journal














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